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Personal note from Wanda -

I opened my studio in October of 1988.  I started teaching ballroom dance professionally back in 1984. Before that I taught ballet, jazz, modern, acrobatics, and other types of theatrical dance. In 1999, I began teaching workshops in mind-body practice. This was mainly due to my personal experience with healing the body, and it just seemed like the logical next step in my work.

I think the most satisfying thing about my work is that there's always something new and different to explore. Every student is different, every class is different, every subject is different; and yet, it's all about the same thing: discovering a more meaningful version of who we are.

I hope you find this website helpful. I also hope you visit our studio sometime soon.  Certainly, I hope to have you in a class of mine someday.

"The lessons we learn about ourselves through the experience of becoming dancers will apply to all areas

of our lives. Likewise, our life lessons can be expressed through dance. Becoming a dancer is all about transformation. It is a call to empowerment."            – Wanda Deagen



SUMMER 2 classes have begun

Openings still available

in some classes

Call now 210-381-6625

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Please note that the West Coast Swing class scheduled for Monday evenings did not meet its minimum enrollment and has been cancelled.




Tue, 7/17th * 6:45 pm   

Partner dancing is teamwork.  It is not

one rules and the other consents – it is a partnership!  Learn how to work together.      CLICK HERE for convenient on-line registration




Wed, July 18th  8:15-9:30 pm

The answers are always in the basics.  This is one of the most successful ways of learning the technique and form that enables you to advance in your dancing.  The so-called “basics” are not always so basic, but are often quite advanced!  

*  Open to all learning levels  *

Tuition:  $15

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Fri, July 20th • 8-10pm

General dancing to

a variety of music

  * Door Prizes *

Casual attire

$8 at the door

$5 for 12 and under at the door

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Wanda Deagen Studio
2113 Vance Jackson in the Dell Village shopping strip
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