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     At-a-Glance Calendar


This page includes all of our studio's events and classes, 

as well as general info about our studio.

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Beginner level classes                 Beyond Beg level classes

Open level classes                          Experienced learners classes

Workshops & Events                   Technique classes

Private Lessons                               Bring-Your-Own-Partner Special     

Semi-private lessons                   NewStudentSpecial

Create-a-Class                                  About our group class program     

 Rates/Tuition                                   Registration                                                                   


April 5th  – May 18th - 2019.

Pre-registration is required for all classes

unless otherwise noted


While some individual events have on-line registration available

our 3-, 4- and 6-week courses require that you

pre-register either by phone or in person.

Beginner level courses review the basic steps, then introduce fun and easy variations to use on  the social floor.  Emphasis is on developing lead/follow skills and basic mechanics.                                      TOP




Thu, 6:45 pm * 4/11-5/16 *  6 classes  *  $69

This class is designed to introduce you to the basics of dance and lay the foundation for your future learning – basic steps, dance hold, rhythm patterns, how to lead & follow and more.  Dances to be covered this session are

single-time Swing, TwoStep, and Waltz.

DROP IN OPTION AVAILABLE for this class -- $15 per person per class

Beyond Beginner level courses teach additional variations while introducing technique and styling.  Additional dances are also introduced at this level.  These courses are taught assuming students have practical use of the basics.                               TOP

NITE CLUB 2-STEP    – Variations & Styling

Thu 7:45 pm      4/11-5/16      6 classes      $69            Beginner Plus level        

Great dance for those oh-so-too-slow pieces of music!  First the basics, then lots of variations.  Emphasis is on variations and styling.

COUNTRY COLLAGE – OneStep-TwoStep-ThreeStep!

Thu 8:30 pm      4/11-5/16      6 classes      $69         Beyond Beginner level

Go out country dancing these days?  You’ll use all 3 of these dances!  Add variety while learning how to adapt patterns for different dances. 


CLICK HERE to see tuition & multi-Course discounts


Open level classes include students of all experience levels, from beginner to advanced. While completion of our BASICS course is always recommended for newcomers, there are no prereqisites for an open levels class.             top

BOLERO – The Romance of the Dance                                   

2-PART WORKSHOP     Open level      Tue 6:45   3/19 & 3/26       $25

This dance is nothing without styling.  Learn what it means to dance with presence.   DROP IN OPTION AVAILABLE for THIS class -- $15 per person per class

SWING & BOLERO – Choreography!

Tue  8:30pm   4/30-5/14           6 classes      $69                    Open level

There is simply no faster or better way to add personality and style to your dancing than by learning CHOREOGRAPHY!   Build confidence and presence on the floor. DO JOIN US in this super-fun class where you will learn choreographed pieces in these 2 dances.  Students must know their basics in these dances before taking this class.


Open level        Mon  8:30pm     4/15 & 4/22                  $40 per couple

Focus on technique and advanced styling.  You must be experienced in WC before taking this class. 

TANGO  Variations & Styling   BYOP 2-PART WORKSHOP    Open level         Wed  8:30 pm     5/1-5/8                        $40 per couple

Learn some advanced combinations with emphasis on styling. 

BYOP = BringYourOwnPartner

While some individual events have on-line registration available,

our 3-, 4- and 6-week classes require that you register

either by phone or in person * 210-381-6625



Experienced Learners' Level -  These are classes designed for the experienced dancers who have completed beginner courses and have practical use of their basics.



Tue  8:30pm    4/9-4/23    3 classes   $36        ExperiencedLearners  level      

We will cover a few different dances with emphasis on developing technique and lead/follow skills.  Not only will you learn empathy for your partner – the most important ingredient for all good dancers – you’ll have a blast!  Don’t miss this one.


WALTZ –  Silver level                   

Tue  8:30pm   4/30-5/14  3 classes   $36        ExperiencedLearners  level      

Add variety to your waltz while building your technique and styling.


    CLICK HERE to see multi-Course discounts

While some individual events have on-line registration available,

our 3-, 4- and 6-week classes require that you register

either by phone or in person * 210-381-6625


Tuition for group class courses

6-week courses

[ 6-week course includes six 45-minute classes]

 $69 for 1 course * $132 for  2 courses

$180 for 3 courses * $228 for 4 courses


Tuition for other courses, specialty courses,

workshops, and events vary;

Refer to those particular class listings for rates.

Rates for group classes are per person

unless otherwise specified.




Our Friday night workshops start with a fun and easy lesson on a particular dance followed by open dancing to a variety of music -- country, swing, Latin, ballroom, Tejano...

Partners are rotated throughout the class to enhance learning.

These are open to all levels of learners.

We host a Dance Party the 3rd Friday of each month.

Convenient on-line registration is available for these events.




Workshop & Dance Social

Fri, March 22nd  *  8-10 pm

$10 in adv or $12 at the door

Special rate for ages 12 & under -  $5 at the door

Click here for convenient on-line registration




There will be no workshop or social on this night  3/29


Workshop & Dance Social

Fri, April 5th  *  8-10 pm

$10 in adv or $12 at the door

Special rate for ages 12 & under -  $5 at the door

Click here for convenient on-line registration




Workshop & Dance Social

Fri, April 12th  *  8-10 pm

$10 in adv or $12 at the door

Special rate for ages 12 & under -  $5 at the door

Click here for convenient on-line registration



Workshop & Dance Social

Fri, April 19th  *  8-10 pm

$10 in adv or $12 at the door

Special rate for ages 12 & under -  $5 at the door

Click here for convenient on-line registration



Workshop & Dance Social

Fri, April 26th  *  8-10 pm

$10 in adv or $12 at the door

Special rate for ages 12 & under -  $5 at the door

Click here for convenient on-line registration



Workshop & Dance Social

Fri, May 3rd  *  8-10 pm

$10 in adv or $12 at the door

Special rate for ages 12 & under -  $5 at the door



Workshop & Dance Social

Fri, May 10th  *  8-10 pm

$10 in adv or $12 at the door

Special rate for ages 12 & under -  $5 at the door




60’s PARTY

Friday,  May 17th  *  7-10 pm

An evening of dance fun to

all styles of music from the 1960s


Bet you didn’t even realize what

great dance music it was


$10 at the door -

Special rate for ages 12 & under - $5






New Student Special

A great way to get started!  

  • Introductory private lesson
  • One follow-up private lesson
  • 6-week BASICS group class course
  • One practice session with a studio assistant
  • Admission to one Friday night workshop
  • Admission to one monthly student party


$222 value – 


Only $119 for individual or

$139 per couple!

This offer is available for new students only (first time enrollment)

and with select instructors only.  Entire course must be used within 8 weeks from date of enrollment.   All policies for instruction apply.





6-Week Course

Your 6-week BYOP course includes

Enrollment in one of our

6-week group class courses

Your choice


2 Private Lessons  <45 mins each> 

Scheduled by appointment * Personalized lesson plan


Admission to our monthly studio party

Perfect opportunity to practice what you are learning

$189 per couple  <Value $276>



  • Course must be enrolled at the onset of a 6-week session.
  • Entire course must be completed by the end date of that 6-week session.
  • There are no makeup classes available, nor credit for missed classes.
  • Lessons/classes are not transferrable to other persons;  entire course must be used by couple designated on enrollment.
  • Exception:  If couple is unable to attend monthly studio party, they have the option of passing along their admission tickets to someone else.
  • Because this is a BYOP course, couple will have the option of NOT rotating partners in the group class.


Private lessons can be enrolled by the lesson or by the course.

We do not do any long-term courses or contracts. 

Private lessons are 45 minutes in length.  

Tuition ranges from $55 to $69 per lesson,

depending upon frequency of lessons.

Rates are the same for individuals or couples.  

Be sure to take advantage of our

Introductory private lesson

for only $25*  

Appointment times are available afternoons and evenings

during the week and on Saturday afternoons.

*limit one introductory private lesson per student/couple. 

some restrictions apply.



Semi-Private Lessons

Combining the best of private instruction

and group class learning

In a semi-private lesson, you experience the ideal balance between private instruction and group class learning.  Like a group class, a semi-private lesson is taught as part of a course with a specific agenda of dances, variations and outcomes.  Like a private lesson, each couple receives individual attention and recommendations for learning better.  

Team up with another couple or two and get with us to form your very own personalized semi-private course.  semi-private sessions are available for 2 or 3 couples. 


Special “3-week-3-couple” courses

tuition:  $99 per couple

enrollment limited to 3 couples per course

Partners are not rotated 

Each lesson is 45 minutes in length


Policies for semi-private courses: 

  • a semi-private course is a 3-lesson / 3-couple course.
  • the day, time, and dates are pre-set. 
  • there are no make up classes nor credits for missed lessons.
  • partners are not rotated on semi-private lessons.
  • standard course cancellation policy applies.



LOCATION  The Wanda Deagen Studio is located at 2113 Vance Jackson in the historic Dell Village shopping strip.  We are inside Loop 410 and 1 block north of I-10.  Zip code - 78213                                  top

BUSINESS HOURS   We do not keep regular business hours since a large part of our teaching is done on an appointment basis.  We recommend you call ahead before stopping by the studio to be sure we will be available at that time.

CONTACTING US   Our business phone is a cell number so that we can personally answer your phone calls in a more timely fashion; however, know that we do not interrupt lessons to answer the phone and you should always be prepared to leave a voice mail.

Call (210) 381-6625 *  or email us  wdeagen@wandadeagen.com





Our group class program is a structured curriculum, designed to take you from your first steps on up. Our standard courses are 6 weeks and have designated learning levels such as beginner 1, beginner 2, beyond beginner, etc. Each learning level includes multiple courses, so students should expect to move through the various levels at a gradual pace. We also have specialty courses that range from 2 to 4 weeks.  top

Always remember that unless otherwise noted, partners are rotated throughout the class. Pre-registration is required for all of the above-mentioned courses.


WORKSHOPS are offered as supplements to the standard curriculum. Workshops are most often an "open levels" class; however, certain ones are designated for advanced learners.  Some of these require pre-registration; however, most allow at-the-door admission. Nearly all workshops offer convenient on-line registration.


TECHNIQUE CLASSES are individual sessions focused on improving form and execution. They may include styling, body development, movement mechanics, or theory. These classes allow at-the-door admission.


Our BYOP classes are special sessions which require you "bring your own partner". It is in these group classes only that we do not rotate partners. Most of these classes require pre-registration, but some allow you to register at the door or get a discount for pre-registering.



policies for group classes  





Policies for group classes


Please review all information before registering



Group classes are 45 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.

• Pre-registration is required for most courses. Tuition must accompany registration.

• Tuition rates are per person unless otherwise specified.

• Class size is limited; early registration is recommended.

• There are no make up classes nor credits for absences.

• No video taping is allowed in any group classes or workshops.

• Classes are not open for observation.


• Dress code restrictions: no sleeveless shirts for men. No halter tops or backless dresses for ladies.


• It is our standard practice to rotate partners in all group classes. This not only makes learning more fun, but it helps to develop lead & follow skills. Private instruction, semi-private and/or byop classes are available for students who do not wish to rotate partners.


• While it is not practical to guarantee an even number of men and ladies for every class, pre-registration allows us to keep a comparable male/female ratio. Obviously, we have no control over absences, but our partner rotation system ensures fairness to everyone. Also, we have members of our support staff available for every class to assist us as needed.


 • There is a minimum number of students required in order for each class to make. Late registration may be available, but we strongly encourage getting registered early. Because class size is limited, classes often fill; and registration is always on a first come, first served basis.


Cancellation policy 

 To cancel a course/workshop/event for which you have registered, you must notify us by phone or in person 7 days in advance of the course start date in order to receive a refund or credit.  




Our studio proudly abides by the “play nice” policy.  

Patience and courtesy with your partners must be  

practiced at all times.






For your general information, know that our group classes meet as scheduled except in the case of extreme weather conditions. Should weather advisory ever direct that people stay inside their homes and not travel except in emergency situations, classes will be cancelled. Notice of cancellation will always be posted on this site at the top of this current schedule page and will be added to our voice mail. Students will be offered a credit for the missed class should they choose to accept it.



you build it.  we teach it.

 Create-a-Class info

This is another one of our special offerings at our studio. 

Our Create-a-Class program lets you build a class

customized for you and your group.  


What kinds of groups do these classes? 

Families  <parents, grandparents, kids, cousins>  gather together the kin folks and enjoy a special time like none other with your family. 

Office groups – co-workers, professional peers (the supervisor who needs to loosen up!)  you’ll end up with more smiles at work.

Church groups – gather a group from your sunday school class – it’s good clean fun! 

Singles groups – are you part of a singles group?  they would love to do this! 

Youth groups – a most excellent experience for young folks –  not only do they enjoy it, but they are learning a skill they can use for the rest of their lives. 

Couples  – work, kids, hectic schedules --  dancing is a wonderful activity for any couple.  they can actually give each other their full attention while learning to dance! 


How many people do i need for the class?

It’s up to you how many people you want to in your class.  groups can range in size with the maximum being 40 participants.   

What will we learn? 

That’s also up to you.  we will visit with you in advance and discuss what dances and what level of instruction will be right for your group. 

How many classes will we have?

Classes are available as a one-time workshop or in 3, 4 or 6-week courses.


Call us today -- we will be happy to visit with you

about the perfect class for your group.


Here is some general information on how to create-a-class. 

What do you want to learn?  All classes are customized for you. 

Select from any of the following dances…

rumba                        waltz                         tango                     two step

salsa                          merengue                 swing                      tejano

cha cha                     cumbia                        fox trot                polka 

Or choose any one of these suggested lesson packages

available in 4 or 6-week courses:            


GO COUNTRY --  basics steps and variations for the texas two step, the polka,  and the swing 

LATIN FEVER – basic steps and variations for the rumba, salsa, and merengue 

BIG BAND DANCING – basic steps and variations for fox trot and swing 

STRICTLY BALLROOM – a fun and easy introduction to fox trot, waltz, rumba, and swing 

ROMANCE DANCING – simple instruction for tango, rumba, and nite club dancing 

GET OUT ON THE FLOOR – simple instruction to get you out on the floor in a variety of social settings – something for slow, something for fast, something that travels, something that twirls…


Get with us now to


Your group will love you for it!




Workshop & Dance Social

Fri, March 22nd * 8-10 pm


$10 in adv or $12 at the door

Special rate for ages 12 & under - 

$5 at the door

Click here for convenient on-line registration




There will be no workshop or social on March 29th



Workshop & Dance Social

Fri, April 5th  *  8-10 pm

$10 in adv or

$12 at the door

Special rate for ages 12 & under - 

$5 at the door


TRIPLE 2 – Variations for the Social Floor

Thu 7:45 pm      2/21-3/28     6 classes        $69                 Beginner Plus level

We will continue with our Triple2 basics and add several variations that are great for the social floor.  Emphasis is on developing lead and follow skills and building confidence on the social floor.

TWO STEP – Whip Variations continued…

Thu 8:30 pm      2/21-3/28     6 classes   $69        Beyond Beginner level

Love all the twisting and spinning and turns you see out there?  We will continue adding variety to our Whip while developing our lead and follow.    

SWING –  Variations Plus                  

Tue  7:45 pm  2/19-3/26    6 classes   $69          ExperiencedLearners  Level      

Get ready for more FUN!   We will add both Lindy variations and styling.  It’s time to cut loose!  Students must be comfortable with their swing basics before taking this class.


WEST COAST –  Styling & Technique               

Tue  8:30 pm  2/19-3/26    6 classes   $69          ExperiencedLearners  Level      

Okay, you got the moves, now it’s time to style it up!  Learn how to improvise while maintaining lead and follow skills.  Students must be experienced in WC before taking this class.




Changing the world . . .


one dance step at a time

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