Seek ye first the kingdom...  

Meaningful Living is a New Thought Christian ministry whose focus is to teach people of all religious and non-religious backgrounds lessons in practical spirituality for day to day living.  Our message is uplifting and inspiring with an emphasis on creating a good life through positive thinking and self-responsibility.

Using a combination of Divine Science and Science of Mind teachings, our basic belief is that there is one all-encompassing power that fills every aspect of the universe.  It is from this one power that all things are created, and this power flows in and through everyone and everything.  It does not matter by what name you call this power – be it God, Christ, mind, science, Jehovah, spirit.  No need whatsoever to give up one's traditional faith! 

We believe that we are all one with this power and are therefore, co-creators of our world.  We accept that we create through our own thoughts and ideas, and if we are not pleased with what we are experiencing, we must change our thinking and realign ourselves with this power.

This message must be lived, and we place special attention on practicing what we learn.  Once we become in the habit of keeping good thoughts we will experience the many benefits of a happy life – kindness, confidence, health, loving relationships, prosperity, and gratitude.  We become clear about what things really matter in life and discover a more meaningful version of who we are.

Meaningful Living was founded by Wanda Deagen in 2008.  


Read About our ministry's emblem, Hope, the flying pig!


Schedule of gatherings

1st sunday of each month *  10:30-11:45 am 

3rd sunday of each month  *  10:30-11:45 am



Come dance with us! The Wanda Deagen Dance Studio is all about coming together and celebrating life through partner dancing.  Consider joining us for a workshop or event.  Click here to view our current schedule of activities.




Join us

We invite you to join us at any one of our services or classes.  Whether you are just curious or have been seeking a New Thought group in which to practice, we will make you feel welcome.  We have a small group at this time and enjoy a camaraderie among all our members.  As with the Wanda Deagen Studio, it is our desire to create an environment in which people can come and expand their knowledge while enjoying a fun and friendly atmosphere.   People of all faiths are welcome.  Please know that we respect all the traditional religions and denominations, and in no way are we trying to take people away from those followings.   You might think of our ministry as a "spiritual supplement."

We do hope you will consider joining us.


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Hope, the flying pig, was created by local artist, Analisa Shinn.  I chose a flying pig as the emblem for Meaningful Living ministry because so many of my ambitions in life were discarded by people to be silly or unrealistic.  Too often, we give away our power by putting our belief in earthly things – the opinions of others, the traditional paths, etc. 

Never be discouraged when people laugh at your plans and say to you “…when pigs fly!”  

Keep in faith, and you’ll discover as I have in my own life – they really can!  -- WD