One of the 7 Energies of Movement is COLLAPSING movement.  Not only is
it important for us to be able to understand and identify this movement in our daily encounters, but it is also important in our understanding the unfoldment of our spiritual journey.


Collapsing movement requires a "give in" to gravity.   We allow our muscular and skeletal bodies to collapse around a chosen center point.    Spiritually speaking, we must learn to fight our tendency to fight.  The Buddhists call it the "path of least resistance."     A collapsing movement requires a lifting of a center point.  Spiritually, when we let go of our resistance we "surrender" to the lifting of the soul.  While it may feel as if we are dropping down, in Truth we are redistributing the energies of ascension.   Consider a trampoline:  Unless we put pressure downward into it we will never experience its lift.   It is the same with our spiritual tasks. Everyone, at some time or another, has experienced the weight of a spiritual task.  This can often lead us into conditions of stress or even depression.   Once we stop the fight, and allow ourselves to "drop" with the weightiness of the task, we will finally experience the "lift" of the Spirit at large.


A simple movement exercise to do to experience the energy of collapsing   

Stand with your feet abour shoulder-width apart.  Be sure your knees are "softened" -- slightly bent.  Now allow your head to drop forward so that your chin is resting on your chest.  Imagine that the crown of your head is growing heavier, thus creating the feeling of a pull downward.  As you do this, be aware of the "opening" of the "channel" that runs from between your shoulder blades up through the back of your neck and continuing to the crown of the head. 

Your arms should not do any particular thing.  Simply allow them to hand loosely from your shoulders.  Hold this position and take a long, slow, deep breath.  Hold the breath for a couple of seconds, then rapidly exhale, pushing the air all the way out.  Feel the pull downward.

This is only one very basic exercise for experiencing collapsing movement.  Practicing this particular movement energy is a great way to reduce stress.  It is also a great exercise to help prepare you to do something you are a bit nervous about doing.  

Learning to use the Energies of Movement can provide you with a variety of healing tools, as well as provide you with Spiritual stamina and clarity.    These practices and others similiar to this are taught in my Movement workshops.   Plan to join us for one.




It’s funny how we end up in places.  We follow a path, intent on arriving at a particular destiny, only to discover the Divine has curved our path and led us to a place far beyond our wildest dreams.  It happens for all of us, and yet most people rarely recognize it.  Instead, they see it through the eyes of the flesh, and it expresses itself as luck or fate. 


If it’s sad they console themselves by trying to believe that “God” simply had other plans for them.  They shrug their shoulders and mutter that it “simply wasn’t meant to be.”  On the other hand, if it’s joyful they celebrate the reward and hope  -- still relying upon luck – that the condition continues.  Or at least lasts a while.


I remember in great detail all the angst people had about the millennium.  There were arguments over which natural disasters were due to occur, how we were to survive the total breakdown of all civilized infrastructures and whether or not we even had the right dates…   People loaded up on bottled water and stocked their basements with imperishable items. 


Personally, I never gave it a second thought.  There were no messages from the universe coming my way, and so I spent Dec. 31, 1999, journaling about the next decade to come.  When midnight arrived, I sat on my patio with my beloved dog, Jive, and talked to God about where I was to go next.  His guidance came right away and with a clarity never matched before that.  Such guidance has now continued for the past ten years.


As the year 2012 approaches, I have come to realize that I am not only receiving messages from the universe about this point, but I am intended to talk about them.  I have been given specific directions and um, let’s just say “persuasive” suggestions from the Almighty.  As is usual, I have spent a fair amount of time arguing with God over why I should have to talk about this stuff.  Lord knows I’ve been called an idiot enough times in my life – do I really need to keep it going?


And as usual, God is winning the argument.  (I cannot help but think it’s not quite a fair fight.  After all, He is a lot bigger than I am!)   He gives and He insists.  I argue and I resist.  It’s like the two of us dancing a tango together.   He asks me to dance and I say “Maybe.”  And then He says, “There’s no maybe about it – Come here!”  And He yanks me into His arms.   Of course, I keep trying to resist.  He pulls me to Him, and I shake my head, “No-no-no!”  He does not let up.  Instead, he takes control of my movement and direction, leading me with perfect precision.  I feel torn – frightened of where He might lead me next and yet overcome with the pleasure of the passion of the dance…   He checks my movement and abruptly snaps my body to face Him.   I stand forehead to forehead with Him.  He is the light and the rhythm of my soul.


I give in to His greatness.  “Yes,” I say to Him.  “I will follow.”  I feel the eagerness of my soul awaiting the next movement.  My mind knows not where I am going next.  My body knows not how it will get there.   But I commit my attention to follow the Divine direction.  I focus on my connection.  I offer my passion and faith.  Ah – what beautiful music we will make together!


As we move together, it is revealed to me that this time-space in which I exist will be experiencing a “shift” in perception.  Quite literally, the planet is going to shift into a different position in space.  Now in Divine terms, that amounts to less than the blink of an eye.  However, to those of us currently existing in that time-space, it could be a bit more significant!


So how do we prepare for the planetary shift?  What are we intended to do?  CAN we do anything?  Do we stock our basements?   Do we need to repent?  Is this even going to be a big deal?


Let me answer the last question first:  YES.  It IS going to be a big deal.  The planet is going to literally shift on its axis.  And yes, it is going to have an impact on all creation on the earth. 


Can we do anything?  YES.  In fact, we MUST do certain things if we intend to survive.  By survive, I mean be enabled to continue the quality of life we deserve. 


Do we know what we need to do?  YES.  And it’s so simple that the tragic part is most people will completely ignore this message!


Will this be devastating?  I have to admit (and I don’t like to do so) that I think it very well might be.  I am concerned that most people will disregard this very simple set of directions from God because they are looking for something more complex.


But the simple fact is this:  In order to survive 2012, we must raise the consciousness of the collective mass; and the way we are intended to do that is through KINDNESS.


In short, we must make a commitment to become more uplifting to everyone.  We must find a way to bring joy to all people and creation.  We must begin to show compassion to all of creation and recognize our commitment to good stewardship for all of the planet.


This is serious business.  We must begin – right now, right here – to commit to cheering everybody up.  We must decide to bring joy and cheerfulness to the world at large.  We must be determined to practice kindness and compassion with everyone we meet.  We must be willing to demonstrate as Jesus and the Buddha did.  We must accept the responsibility of performing miracles. 


We must start right now to make joy and laughter the focal point of our existence.  We must commit all our energies each day to doing good.  We must decide from here onward to be uplifting to everyone and everything we encounter.  Unless we are able to raise the consciousness of the masses, the so-called “Satan” will take over on that fateful day.  Our worlds will crumble and our very existence will become a memory.


If you know God, then you are being called to do your part.  Get over your selfishness.  Get over your helplessness.  Then get over your fear. 

You have been called. 

        It’s time to do your part. 

                     The time to start is now. 



This is one of the healing mediums that was intuited to me back around the turn of the century.  Not only was this one that I felt brought a lot of improvement to me in terms of my health and well-being, but it also provided an energy -- an enthusiasm -- like nothing else in terms of feeling my own self-empowerment.

In this workshop, we will work with the 7 Energies of Movement and discuss the significance each one can hold for us.  We will also work on how to move your base emotions* and how to use rhythmic movement to "harmonize" your emotions.   

There is a great power in movement -- both external and internal.  Early tribal societies acquired much of their wisdom from closely observing and interacting with nature.  They observed how various animals moved.  They studied the movement of plants and clouds and dust and wind.  They acknowledged their connection with nature, thus building a foundation for their spiritual awareness of being One with All.

This is a fully interactive workshop, and you will want to wear clothes which will allow you to move around freely.  Wear comfortable shoes or opt to participate in your socks. 


*using the Law of Substitution


Wag that tail!  Wag that tail!


Want to drastically increase the level of joy you are experiencing in your day to day living?  Make it a point every day to wag your tail!

That’s right.  Wag your tail.  As in pooch your butt out and wiggle it back and forth.

It may sound goofy, but some pretty amazing things happen.

The action of “wagging” involves 4 of the 7 different energies of movement:  vibrating, swinging, percussive and explosive.   This is a big deal.  It is uncommon for a single movement to use more than a couple of the 7 energies.

Realize that the 4 energies it uses are all related to our “base” emotions.  What is the significance of that?  Put simply, wagging your tail is one of the most reliable, stress-free, consequence-free forms of expressing (getting rid of) your frustrations, irritations, impatience, anger, depression, and anxiety.

Finally, for those of you who like to speak New Thought -- Your earth chakra and your crown chakra will light up like a fireworks show!  It will leave you feeling balanced and spiritually poised.

Wag your tail.  It’s not a difficult thing to do.  It simply requires your deciding to do it.  If you are a pet owner, by all means do it with your pets.   Dogs, cats, parakeets – it really doesn’t matter.  All animals respect the power of the tail wag!

Fine print:

Yes, I know.  Many people consider me a nutcase because of the various things I do to make my life more joyful and powerful.  I do realize that some of them seem bizarre.  But you know what?  That doesn’t change the Divine guidance I get on such things! 

I don’t know about you, but when God gives me information He expects me to DO something with it.  And He never mentions anything about making sure it doesn’t seem too strange or that other people won’t get confused or upset by it.  He just says, “Here you are.  Now do something with it!”

The ball is now in your court. 


This is in reference to the TAKE AN ACTION activity on PERCEPTION. 

I started doing this mental exercise a couple of years back.   The idea for it came to me when I was praying about how I was starting to feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities I have chosen to take on in this life.  I just kept feeling like everything was so big, and I was this little speck trying so hard to achieve in this great big space.  I kept looking “out there” from where I stood, taking in its endlessness.  

As I prayed about this -- declaring that I was ready to receive the Divine information I needed -- I was suddenly reminded of a sentence that I had channeled back about 10 years ago:  “I no longer fear the ocean, for it is but a drop in my tummy.”  Once that came to me, I realized that I was opting to see this creation as being outside of me, as something that was separate from me, rather than something that was contained within.   As long as I continued to see it that way, it would always seem overwhelmingly vast and overpowering.


It was now clear to me that I needed to change my PERCEPTION of this creation.  I needed to (once again) remember to seek first the kingdom.  I didn’t need to work on anything “out there”.  All real change occurs from within out.  I had to re-MIND myself that it is the “father within me” that creates all real change.


Do right by yourself and start to do the activity in TAKE AN ACTION.  You will be impressed by how empowering it is.  Of course, as with all other actions, unless you plan to put it into practice  it will not do you much good.  Doing it once or twice is nice, but it is only once you make it a part of your daily living that you will begin to experience the full benefits.

I say this to you from personal experience.  It DOES make a difference.  It will change your thinking for the better.


A mental exercise on perception


Set aside about 5 minutes each day for this activity.  This is a pretty straightforward and simple practice. 


Begin by selecting a “view” in your mind that represents a feeling of “vastness” or “greatness.”   For example, the vision of a mountain range might bring about such a feeling.  A vision of the night sky and all the stars might do the same.  A vision of the ocean, a mental stroll through the galaxy, etc.   Anything that represents the infinite we know as this universe.


Next, you will begin by recognizing that you are “viewing” this picture as an outsider.  As you look upon it in your mind’s eye you are seeing from the outside looking in.


The next step is to get quiet and still.   Spend about the next one minute or so taking long, deep breaths.  (This calms the activity of your visualizing.)  


Next, in your mind’s eye, re-create that same vision.  Now take a long, slow deep breath and as you do, begin to see that vision get pulled inside of you.  Breathe in until you have brought the entire vision inside you.  Most people will feel it settle in their center.  Should it feel stuck in your throat or high in your chest, simply continue to breathe slowly and deeply and allow it to find its way to your center.


Now take a look at it again, only this time, REALIZE that you are bigger than all of it.  You are not contained within this world; this world is contained within you.


At this point in the exercise is a great time to do a prayer treatment.  You have literally put yourself into a more powerful POSITION by performing this mental exercise.  Your prayer treatments will respond accordingly.


As always, your feedback on this activity is not only welcomed, but encouraged.  Your willingness to share with others is what Jesus meants when he said he would make us “fishers of men.”   I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, there’s an awful lots of folks these days that need to be fished. :)



March 27, 2011



In New Thought, we are taught about a practice called “using denials” which is basically an effective way of “clearing out” stuff that we no longer wish to hold onto and thus, creating space for those things we now choose to receive.   This is an area which can get a little fuzzy. 

Sadly, it is not uncommon for people to misinterpret what we mean by using denials.  Rather than use them as a means of releasing those things which do not serve them well, they opt to be “in denial” about those things that they do not wish to deal with.

The use of denials falls under the Law of Substitution.   Because there is no such thing as nothingness, we can never get rid of something; we can only replace it with something else.   The important thing to remember is this:  Using denials in no way excuses your responsibility for taking care of those things you have created.   For example, if you are in debt, you can use denials effectively by affirming that you no longer lack for the means to pay your bills.  However, doing such a denial does not excuse you from actually paying off the bills your currently have.


I have seen numerous people try to use denials to support them in bad decision-making.  For example, moving into a home or space they cannot afford at the time and thinking that if they simply “deny” any shortage of funds the rent will magically get paid.  Mind you, I’m not saying that God doesn’t rain down His magic on us!  He absolutely does, and this should be a basic foundation of our faith.  However, God does expect us to use the “common sense” He gave to us. 

Some simple facts: 

#1  The use of denials does NOT create a Mental Equivalent. 

A mental equivalent is created through the feeling of faith.  Faith is a feeling of receiving and expectancy and deservedness.  This is quite a different feeling from a denial. 

#2  One cannot use denials to exempt themselves from Karmic debt.   The only way one can transcend Karmic debt is through forgiveness.  This was the key message of Jesus the Christ.  Deny all you want – until you have accepted forgiveness you will be paying Karma in kind.

A very good exercise for practicing a balance of denials with affirmations is to declare:

I choose to replace __________________ with ______________.

Using denials is a very helpful tool in maintaining the spiritual integrity of our consciousness.  As with all spiritual laws, we must use them correctly.  We must realize that denials are not a way of getting us out of our responsibilities, nor are they a substitute for forgiveness.  We use denials as a means of declaring – distinguishing – those things that no longer serve us and that we are ready to let go of. 

One of my all-time favorite denials:  I choose God instead of the problem.



November 2010

Faith is a Spiritual Principle.  So-called “blind faith” is not faith at all, but something more akin to wishing.  Wishing to receive something is not the same as having faith that you are going to receive it.  Faith changes our attitude; it changes our mental condition. 


When we are able to stay in faith, even the most challenging situations can be dealt with in a calm confidence or – even better – with a sense of humor.    If you know – in faith, in absolute certainty – that you are headed in the direction of success and are sure to arrive at the expression of your dreams, the bumps and bruises and setbacks along the way will be dealt with effectively by you.  We do not get discouraged by a setback when we already know that our arrival to the place of our dreams is guaranteed.  Such setbacks can be filed under the heading of “funny stories to tell “  --  the “we can look back on this and laugh about it one day.”   It’s what makes our lives interesting.  After all, how exciting can a journey be, a story be, when there are no twists and turns?

Think about a carnival ride.  Would you have any interest in riding a ride that simply moves straight ahead, at an average rate of speed,  with no twists or turns or drops?  No hidden curves or sudden speed bursts?  Think about it.  What kind of life would that be?  Would a life like that even be worth living?

In the gospel of John, Jesus tells us in plain language that in this world there will be tribulations.  He states, matter-of-factly, that we shall have difficulties.  But he then instructs us to “be of good cheer.”  He states that he has managed to “overcome the world.”  What this tells us is that our REAL experience of our experience is dependent upon our attitude about what is happening.


As we stay mindful of the fact that our thoughts are creative we must remind ourselves that no thoughts are exempt from that; and in fact, reactive thoughts are just as powerful and will just as absolutely create in form.   Why do we seem to get caught up in “tough times”?  Why do we have those spells in our lives when nothing seems to go right?  It’s because one or two things will happen as the result of previous error thinking on our part, but then instead of just accepting the experience and “being of good cheer” we REACT negatively by condemning, complaining, protesting, blaming.  The next thing we know, we are being inundated with one bad experience after another, and the more that keep coming, the more we react negatively and the more we react negatively the more that keep coming and so on and so on…


When we learn to live in faith we find a power over our attitude that we never knew possible before.  The saddest of situations can be consoled by an attitude of faith.  The angriest of confrontations can be pacified by an attitude of faith.  The most challenging situations can be made easy by an attitude of faith.


But one does not just one day “acquire” faith.  Faith is a developmental state of mind that requires consistent spiritual conditioning.  What does that mean?  It means you have to practice it.  Every day.  Every hour.  Every moment.  You do not allow yourself any “breaks” for spending any time in doubt.  You must walk the talk.  You must live it.  You must work it.


With it, all things are possible.


For truly I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, "Move from here to there" and it shall move; and nothing shall be impossible to you.   

                                        -- Matthew 17:20


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You are invited to email me your spiritual questions. 

QUESTION:  Lately, I've had quite a few people talk to me about "being saved" (through Jesus' blood).  I believe similarly to most of the people who want to talk about being saved except for their belief that our sins must be washed away with the blood of Jesus. I used to believe that. I don't anymore. Still, I consider myself to be a Christian. How do you respond if someone asks you if you've been saved?  

I think the first thing we have to realize is that every person experiences things differently.  Each soul's experience is unique.  Ten people can all say the exact same thing and each one mean something entirely different.  I think the best way to express tolerance and inclusiveness with others (especially when it comes to religious things) is to simply try and speak their language.  If someone asks me if I have been saved, I usually answer something like, "Amen, brother.  God is good!"    
One of the key differences between New Thought Christianity and traditional Christian faiths is the belief in the vicarious atonement.  Traditional Christian faiths teach that Jesus was sent here with the purpose of sacrificing his life on the cross so that our sins would be forgiven.  New Thought Christianity does not support that belief;  rather it teaches that Jesus taught us how to transcend the law of cause & effect by practicing forgiveness.  
Can we say that Jesus died for our sins?  I think we can.  I'm pretty sure he would not have gotten crucified if he would have just kept his mouth shut and not shared any of his spiritual wisdom with us.  So I think it is true to say he gave his life for the forgiveness of our sins.  Consider how far behind we would be spiritually at this point had it not been for his message.

As for "being saved" -- In simplest terms, being saved means taking an action.  It means making a commitment.  In the traditional churches where they invite you to come up to the altar and get saved, they are simply pushing you to take an action.  They require you to actually stand up and get out of your pew and make the walk up to the front where everyone can see you.  They figure if someone isn't willing to do that much, what are the chances he's going to actually do what he needs to do to change his life.
Personally, I think there's a lot of wisdom in that practice.  (I would kind of like to figure out a New Thought version of it!)  It "forces" people to do something with the information that they are getting.    So to figure out whether or not you have been saved, all you have to do is ask yourself if you have made the commitment to live your life based on the spiritual standards you have accepted for yourself.  If you have, then you are saved.  

I know it can feel uncomfortable discussing religion with other people.  I've discovered that if I simply smile a lot, nod my head, put my hand on their shoulder, and say a lot of AMENs, it can actually be a pretty uplifting experience!  




The Sacred Sequence for Spiritual Learning
July 1, 2010

There is a sacred sequence in experiencing spiritual information.  We utilize this sequence during our service.  We realize everyone runs late sometimes, but you should always try to get there for the start of the service so that you can get the most out of your church experience.  Following is a brief description of the process and what each phase means:

*  The meditation at the opening of the service activates the part of our brain that will put us in the best frame of mind (literally) to process information and relate it.  Relating information is very important because unless we are able to instantly relate new information to information we already have we are most likely to forget it or else not understand its significance for us.

*  The music and movement that follow are essential to activating the healing energies of the group.   You will get the best results if you sing loudly and move while doing so.  Also, if you make eye contact with others or hold hands during this part, you will literally raise the energy of the group.   (A more traditional interpretation of this phase would be to say we are inviting in the Holy Spirit!)

*  During the sermon, it is important to keep cycling the energy of the group .   If you want to get the most out of the message, you must be prepared to give energy to the teacher.  This can be done through facial expressions, verbal expressions, and responses.  This gives you an active part in the dynamics of the group.

*  Being an active listener will create a "spiritual dialogue" which will then help you to personalize the message for yourself.  Also, dialogue is one of the top ways to exercise your brain, so it will keep your mind sharp as it takes in the new information.

*  Another thing I made sure to include in my services is "pass along the peace."  In the tradition of the Catholic faith, after the sermon we go around the room to each other and declare peace and harmony.  This is our opportunity to affirm goodness for each other, all the while adding a support (of sorts) to the uplifted state we should then find ourselves in.

*  Next we bless our tithes and take up the offering.  During this time we play a song of reflection.  One should use this time to pay attention to the words to the song and sit quietly in appreciation and gratitude.  (Don't be surprised if you feel kind of like you're vibrating -- it's just your energy level being raised!)

*  Finally, every Meaningful Living service ends with our singing Happy Trails.  Ending joyful events with this song has been a long-standing tradition with me.  Not only is it a pleasant song that should bring a smile to your face while singing it, but it contains one of my favorite lines of all times:


     "Some trails are happy ones, others are blue

By the end of the song you should feel ready to go out into the world a better and stronger person.  You should feel ready to take spiritual action and have a feeling of hope.   That would make it time well spent.


By being aware of the sacred sequence you will be able to strengthen your spiritual learning.  Be sure to use the sacred sequence with enthusiasm.  When it's time to sing, sing loud.  When it's time to move, cut loose.  When it's time to reflect, really pay attention.  You will be amazed at the experience!




How much more powerful would you feel in your life if you knew you could have a one hour meeting one-on-one with God each and every day?  Just the two of you with Him offering His undivided attention...

You could discuss your concerns, your ambitions, any confusion you might be feeling.  If you had questions, you could have them answered.  If you needed information, you could get it on the spot. 
You could use that time to thank Him for all the great stuff He's been doing for you and demonstrate to Him that you are using all the gifts He has given to you.  You could laugh together and tell jokes (God knows some really good ones!)    

You could tell Him about stuff that's making you feel sad.  You could tell Him if your body wasn't feeling good and ask what you should do to fix it.  During this time, you could revel in a love that reflects that of a parent, child, best friend, intimate partner, teacher, and student  --  all expressions of love rolled up into one.
Think about it:  How would you feel at the end of this meeting?  Do you think your day would run more smoothly?  Do you think you would probably make better decisions?  Would you be in a better mood?  Would you be kinder and more patient with others? Would you move through life with more confidence?  Would you make it a point to live out that day so that you would have amazing things to share in your meeting the next day?
Well guess what -- God actually has an opening for you in His schedule! 

That's right.  God is ready and waiting to have daily walks and talks with you.  He's looking forward to spending that quality time with you each day.  He's just waiting patiently for you to set the recurring appointment. 
Of course, I understand that you might not be ready to set it yet.  Or else you might be able to set up one or two, but you can't commit to every day.  I mean, come on - we've got things to do here!  It's hard enough to make time for the things like work, going to the grocery store, checking email, returning phone calls, dental appointments...   Not to mention the time we have to devote to reading all those spiritual books!  
But do you know what the nicest part of all this, the thing that really tells us just how very much God must love us?   He is ready and He is waitingFor YOU. Whether you decide to schedule that meeting today or tomorrow or years from now, all you have to do is say "I'm ready." 
Do you get the magnitude of that?  The almighty God stands waiting for your attention.  The great Universal Power - that Infinite Intelligence that moved all things into existence - stays ready for you to call upon it.  
What are you waiting for?  If you really stop and think about it, what could possibly be more important than that? It's definitely worth making the time for.
In my distress I cried unto the Lord, and he heard me.  Psalm 120:1




Something to Consider

May 30, 2010

The Collective Consciousness 

Every group – however small, however large – creates a dynamic of energy.  This energy – while being made up of the energy of individual souls – takes on an identity of it’s own.  Our thoughts are the greatest users of energy.  As I think and you think and he thinks and she thinks, we become a collection of consciousnesses.   This is what we call a collective consciousness. 


There are many such creations of this collective consciousness since we are grouped together in such a variety of ways.  For example, one’s family will have a collective consciousness.  A marriage will have a collective consciousness.  A society or culture will have a collective consciousness.  A nation will have a collective consciousness.  Basically, any time two or more aspects of creation come together a collective consciousness will be formed.


Naturally, then, the planet has a collective consciousness. 


Do you believe our planet is ready to become Paradise?  I consider myself pretty optimistic, but I have to answer “No way!” to that question.  We still have war, we still have intolerance, we still have people fighting over whose God is bigger…    We humans (supposedly the most advanced creature on the planet) are still confusing stewardship with bullying.  We allow the destruction of the very nature God put us in charge of, and we fail to show kindness and appreciation to His so-called “lesser” creatures.  


It’s time for us to take an action to raise the consciousness of the planet. 


So how do we raise the consciousness of the planet?  Remember this:  Your energy is contagious.  Your thoughts have power.  There really is no such thing as muttering something under your breath.  It still goes out there.   Every thought we have is creating something in form.  We need to start focusing on creating only good. 


What would happen if from this moment onward you made a commitment to always be cheerful, regardless of what seems to be happening?  What effect could you have on the collective consciousness?  Once your good cheer rubs off on someone else, they themselves are going to be more cheerful.  Then that cheerfulness rubs off on somebody else and …   You get the picture.


We can literally save the planet!  One smile at a time.   It’s something to consider.



"…in the world we shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer..."    John 16:33


  ©  2010  Wanda Deagen * No portions of these articles may be used or reproduced without expressed written consent.



 June 2010

Are you reading the script or writing the script?

 Too many folks go through their lives accepting them as a story that has already been written.  They play the part (often grudgingly) of a character they have already been cast as.  They interact (often hostilely) with the other characters who have already memorized their roles.  They reside (often unfulfilled) in the setting and scenery that has already been decided.  Quite literally, they end up spending their lives simply going through the motions. 


When it comes to your life experience in this world, you are the creator.  God is the power through which you create, and your life is YOUR creation.


Yes, it’s true that you came into this time-space by agreement to fulfill a particular purpose, but you are the spiritual artist who gets to paint the picture of how it happens.  You get to write the story of how it unfolds.  You get to decide what it includes – comedy, adventure, romance, horror, drama.   Does your production have singing and dancing?  Does it include daring acts of heroism and bravery?  How have you cast all the other players?  If there’s a villain in your story, how was he cast in that role?  What kind of scenery have you chosen?  And finally, will there be a happy ending?

 When it comes down to this movie called your life, God is the producer; but you are the director.  It’s time for you to start taking that job seriously.  Are you creating the life you want or are you just meandering through following some imaginary script you think has power over you?


If you are not experiencing the life you want, perhaps it’s time to rewrite the script.  Introduce a few new characters, add a new light to the setting, throw in a little more comic relief.  After all, it’s your movie, your life.  Better make it what you want it.



"The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone."

- Harriet Beecher Stowe



This is how the Holy Trinity works:  the creator, the creating, and the created.

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Oct. 1, 2009

By Wanda Deagen

A thief can look like a street gang member or he can look like a respected CEO of a major company.  How we dress him is not going to change the fact that he's a thief in his heart.  Someone who sees herself as a victim will do so whether she lives in a tent or lives in a mansion.  A liar can wear all sorts of costumes; he's still a liar.

Unless the consciousness of an individual is changed, changing his surroundings will not create any real difference.  So many people play this game with themselves.  They make their life decisions based on what I am going to call "calculations in form."   

Rather than looking deep inside for their Divine passion and then deciding what to "do" in life
they decide how much money they want to make and then look for something to do. I can think of few things more backwards and absurd than that. It's like choosing to eat spaghetti for supper and then trying to convince yourself that spaghetti is what you were hungry for. The spiritual person asks himself: What am I hungry for? Then he makes his decision based on that.

But it is not just in choosing our vocations that we play this "Devil's" game, we base many other decisions on this misconception. We limit our prayers based on odds and probability. We say, "I would like to start my own business, but I need security, and the odds show that most new businesses fail within the first 2 years. I had better just stay where I'm at and convince myself that I do not hunger for more..."

This is where you must ask yourself: "Do I believe in a wimpy God? Or do I believe in an all-powerful God?" 

You can have either version, but you can't have both! You can't claim to believe in an all-knowing-all-powerful God and at the same time believe that producing such a situation for you is beyond His capabilities. Do you see the contradiction in thought?

Without exception, based on what we have fed into our subconscious up to this point in time will determine whether or not we manifest such a situation. We must become in the habit of keeping our attention on Godly things

"Do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God."      Romans 12:2 (TEV)

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By Wanda Deagen

We must remember that everything we perceive in this world of form began as a thought.  It was conceived in mind before it ever became an expression in the natural.  Because our thoughts are individualized energies of the one Divine Mind everything - everything - has a Divine energy within it. 
This means that those things we consider to be merely material are actually "containers" for energy.  They are the holders of the expressed thoughts of either individual consciousness or the collective consciousness.  What am I saying?  Am I saying that the shoes I am wearing are not just material things, but actually have an energy to them?  Am I saying that the mechanical instruments we use each day are not just material things, but actually contain a piece of consciousness?  Yes, that is what I am saying!
This is one of the reasons it is so important to "clear out" things from your life on a regular basis.
  This is why it is important to do releases of those things which no longer serve you best.  Don't horde things.  Don't cling to things.  Holding on to things communicates that you do not have faith in the Universal source to supply you with all you need.  It implies that you do not believe yourself deserving of greater gifts from your Heavenly Father.

When God gave Adam "dominion over" He was assigning him stewardship.   A basic part of stewardship is serving and demonstrating respect.  We must never overlook this fundamental assignment from God.  God granted us dominion so that we would respect and honor and care for this planet and all of His creatures. 
Sadly, we often see the human race interpret this assignment as a right to "bully" everything else on this planet.  Remember:  Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean it's okay to do it.  I know that sounds like a pretty basic thing to say, but each day I'm amazed at things people are doing in this world simply because they can do them. 
We must become in the habit of showing honor to ALL of God's creation.  We must become in the habit of showing honor to all of our material blessings.  Keep your car washed, keep your house clean, spend your money wisely, don't waste food, take care of your belongings.
And don't overlook one of the biggies:  honor your body!  This is the sacred container God has provided for us while you are in this time-space.  He expects us to take good care of it.   Be gentle with it, move it, keep it limber, rev it up, bless everything you feed it.  
Keeping good stewardship is one of the key elements in building our prosperity consciousness.  When you demonstrate to God that you are a good caretaker of the things He has put you in charge of He will know you are ready to receive your heart's desire.

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By Wanda Deagen

Living intuitively is living one's life from within out and not the other way around.  Too often, we get caught up in "earthly things"  --  the opinions of society, the influence of the media, the persuasions of friends and family, and on and on.   We allow these things to take power over our purpose.  These things are food for the ego, and in feeding our ego we often starve our soul.  

Of course, there is a valid reason we tend to listen to our ego: it’s loud! The ego’s voice is not soft. It loudly booms its message and is amplified by the collective consciousness. Never mistake the power of the volume for power in the message.  

We read in 1st Kings that God spoke to Elijah in a “still, small voice.” This still, small voice came after a resounding wind, earthquake, and fire. This is the voice we must tap into. This is the voice we must give our attention to. This is the voice of our intuition, and our intuition is our direct link to Divine Mind. 

We must learn to listen to our intuition. We must learn to identify it, nurture it, consult it, and follow it. Faithfully.  

Wouldn’t it be nice to live every moment in perfect faith? Knowing that no matter what happens and how it appears to affect you, everything is unfolding exactly as it should? Of course, mentally we know this to be true. We understand that the Universal Mind operates perfectly, and the will of God is absolute. However, what we know and what we feel can be very different things. 

Every person, as part of his spiritual journey, must decide at some point to develop his intuitive sense. It is a process of the soul and requires a commitment of sincerity and honor.


“… a great and strong wind rent the mountains… but the LORD was not in the wind; and after the wind an earthquake; but the LORD was not in the earthquake. And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.” I Kings 19:11-12


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By Wanda Deagen

”Do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God.”       Romans 12:2

We experience life from within out.  We stand side by side with our brother looking out over the same ocean, smelling the same scent in the air, hearing the same sound of the waves rolling into shore, and yet, we experience something completely different. 

Thoughts are things.  There is no such thing as an idle thought.  At every moment, we are actively creating in this world of form through the thoughts we are thinking.  At every moment, we are empowering those things which we give our attention to.  At every moment, we are nurturing what our mind is dwelling upon.

If you are not experiencing the life you want and would like to know why...

...look no further than the mirror.  The one who stares back at you is the one in charge of your life.  While that may seem harsh at first, once you actually consider what it means you realize that it is wonderful news.  You have the power to change your life by changing your thinking.

While earthly things can seem very powerful we must remember that those things are only appearances, and they will eventually pass away.  We must keep our thoughts aligned with Divine Mind so as not to have our consciousness contaminated.   

It is easy to recognize when we have our thoughts properly aligned.  We are peaceful, joyful, and confident.  Everything around us unfolds with ease.  We stay in faith automatically, and never question why a certain thing has happened or not happened.  We realize -- by recognizing the power of our thoughts -- that we cannot escape our own good.

As with everything, we must make this a habit.  Make a decision to begin today to police your thoughts and substitute any error thoughts with thoughts of God.  Read the Action Plan included in this issue and begin the process NOW.

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Oct. 29, 2009

By Wanda Deagen


               “…be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only…”   James 1:22


How in love are you with your problems?  Probably way more than you would ever want to admit.  Even a newcomer to New Thought can rattle off quotations and instructions for the Law of Substitution or the Golden Key technique.  The sticky part is many people never get much further than reading about it and talking about it.

It does not matter what you claim to believe; it is what you DO that reveals your beliefs.  And when it comes down to creating the life you want...


...far too often there’s too much talkin’ and not enough walkin’!

You can read all you want.  You can discuss all you want.  You can attend seminar after seminar, listen to lecture after lecture.  Until you put it into action it means nothing.  

We are co-creators with God.  How many times have you heard that?  God expects us to create – what we commonly in New Thought call demonstrate. Until you are able to demonstrate in your life, don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ve “got it.”  It is only when you learn to “keep right thoughts” and that you will be able manifest the life you want.

The process is very simple.  Not necessarily easy, mind you – but simple.  Keep your thoughts on God instead of the problem.

(I know, I know!  You’ve also heard that a hundred times before!  You already know that so skip ahead…skip ahead…    Or maybe you should hear it again... FOR THE FIRST TIME!)


When your boss does something that seems unfair, don’t empower it by getting upset by it.  Don’t invest your precious time running it through your head over and over.  Don’t waste your precious energy thinking about the negative effects this will have on you.  And PLEASE!  Don’t waste our oxygen talking about it to anybody who will listen! 

When your significant other says something that hurts your feelings, don’t turn it into a full-blown soap opera in your head featuring you playing the victim.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking that getting mad at him and giving him a “taste of his own medicine” will somehow make you powerful.

Instead, whenever anything happens that appears to be something other than good, immediately turn your attention to God. 

Seriously, if the choice was laid out this simply, what would you rather do?  Start counting disappointments or start counting blessings?  Which do you think is going to make you happier?

As a minister, I have had some experienced New Thought folks share with me that they would like to hear me talk more about that “metaphysical stuff.”  Well all that stuff is wonderful information and we should all want to learn it, but the simple truth is until you start to practice the basics, the rest will not do you any good.

Oh, it will make your ego feel good!  Your ego will thrive on how smart it feels.  You can go around and talk about all the books you’ve read and the classes you’ve attended.  But the real test is a simple one.  You are either living a life that’s about God or you’re living a life that’s about something else. 

How happy are you?   Something to consider...

“You will know them by their fruits.”  Matthew 7:16


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April 24, 2010              

How do you hear your Inner Voice?  How do you come to recognize it?  How do you distinguish it from your ego’s voice?

These are questions I often get asked whenever I teach about how to follow our intuitive guidance.  I talk about living our lives from within out and keeping our attention on the voice within rather than on “he who is in the world.”  It logically follows that one would want to know how to hear the voice within, how to recognize it. 

My answer may surprise you, for it does not provide a list of criteria we can check off, thus satisfying our left-brain thinking. 

The fact is we must first learn to stay in faith if we are ever to be able to accurately interpret what our Inner Voice is telling us to do.  We hear our Inner Voice through the ears of faith.  We recognize our Inner Voice through the feeling of faith.  Distinguishing our Inner Voice from the voice of our ego is a matter of “waiting” in faith, fully confident that we cannot help but be in harmony with Spirit once we recognize that we are never separate from our source.

We tend to believe that once we can apply science towards our understanding of something we are immediately able to discount something as intangible as faith.  This simply is not the case.   As thinking, conscious individuals we must sustain ourselves with the energy of faith whether we have a complete understanding of the subject at hand or are confounded by a total mystery. 

Paul wrote that faith was “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen…”   How much more perfectly could we describe one’s Inner Voice?  That still, small voice within speaks volumes!   It is – in and of itself – that vital essence that empowers us to “speak the word” and bring it into the manifest.

It was revealed to me in the past that faith is the FEELING that accompanies the belief.  I believe the significance in that revelation is that if faith is something that must be felt, then it is a MOVEMENT.  And if faith is a movement, then I can literally cultivate faith through movement! 

That’s right – CULTIVATE.  As in grow.  As in produce more of.  I can actually use MOVEMENT as a means of producing faith in my life!**

And I guess this is how it all ties together.  I can see now that this is why I was originally guided to begin teaching my Movement classes.  I was guided to teach people how to MOVE as a way of helping them recognize the Spirit within.

We must remember one simple thing:  This entire universe began as a single movement.  God moved upon Itself and everything sprang into being.  Our biblical mythology (as well as the myths in all the ancient texts) tells us that God spoke the word and it came to exist.  “Let there be…” is a most perfect movement.

In our own lives, we hold the power of “letting there be…”  We, too, are able to move upon ourselves and declare those things we desire to bring into existence.  But we must move in faith.


Personal Message:

I do hope that you will join us for our monthly movement workshops.  Nothing can get the point across quite like the experience itself.  Come prepared to feel a transformation.  Be ready to receive a hearty dose of faith.  You may be surprised at the power you hold within you right now.  Learn to recognize it.  Learn to hear it.  Learn to dialogue with it. It resides within you.  The kingdom of God is at hand.  Literally…


**Note:  Please understand that not all movement requires the physical body to be in motion.  In spiritual movement, we emphasize the internal movement which is of and as our Divine nature.  This is why anyone – be he physically impaired or paralyzed – can still benefit from moving the spirit.

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MOVING THE SPIRIT                                                                                    May 2010

A special workshop on intuitive movement for health and healing

Moving the Spirit focuses on using movement -- energetic and physical -- to heal the body and develop one's sense of intuition.

The movement of God is the Holy Spirit.  This Spirit resides in, around, and through each one of us and provides our constant connection with the Universal Good.  Sadly, many people go through this life never fully realizing this power within.  We must develop that sense of awareness so that we can stay mindful of our Oneness with God. 

There are many ways of developing this awareness.  In my own life, movement has been a most significant teacher for me.  I had someone ask me a while back how one can learn to tune into his inner voice.    Movement -- performed consciously and with full intention -- is a very powerful way to tune into that "still, small voice within."    

One can start with this basic concept:  It was the original movement of God upon Itself that created this entire universe.  We are -- quite literally -- the movement of God.    

As many of these workshops as I have presented so far, I still cannot find the words to describe to someone what they are like.  People ask if it is dancing.  The answer is "It can be..."  They ask if it's meditation.  The answers is "partly..."   They ask if it's religious.  The answer is "If you want it to be..."   They ask if it's difficult.  The answer is "If you make it that way..."   They ask what we do.  The answer is "You have to experience it..."

Come expecting to learn, create, and play.   Your willingness will teach you everything you need to know.   Please join me for one of these workshops. 






Movement for Empowerment                                                              June 2010

A special workshop on intuitive movement for connecting with our Inner Power

This month’s movement workshop is all about connecting with our Inner Power so that we can live our lives God-guided and self-directed.  As the perfect follow up to this month’s sermon THIS MOVIE CALLED YOUR LIFE,  one of the activities we will do in this workshop is called Motion Picture.  It is a group activity in which we cast ourselves as the stars in our own life, all the while playing supporting roles in the lives of others.  This is a very entertaining and powerful activity!


This workshop also includes a guided imagery that takes us (via our minds) to the review of this lifetime and preview of the next.   We will work with the 7 energies of movement and how each one is essential to our personal power.    Other activities include energy transformation and expressing base emotions.  We will work solo, with partners, and in groups.   All of these things are done through movement. 

As you will hear me say again and again, the first step to empowerment is commitment.  Make a commitment now to attend this workshop and call to reserve your spot.   Please pass the word along to a friend and invite them to attend with you. 


MOVEMENT FOR EMPOWERMENT was last presented in June of 2010.  It is one of the Spiritual Movement workshops regularly presented by MLM. 




Please note that the word God is used in reference to our Higher Power, our Greatest Good, the Great Universal Substance, the Alpha & the Omega.  Meaningful Living Ministry is a New Thought Christian ministry and is open to people of all faiths and spiritual traditions.