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Wedding Couples

  "Before seeing Wanda, I was a nervous wreck about having to dance with my wife. As it turned out, our first dance was a pleasure."  



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Your First Dance

Ah, wedding couples! 

When it comes to teaching wedding couples, we do have to brag on ourselves a bit.  Helping couples prepare to dance on their big day...  We love do to it, we are good at it, and the couples who come to us are very happy.


We understand a couple’s first dance is not a “one size fits all.”  Each couple is different, and we take the time to find out just what kind of first dance you want.  Then we tailor our instruction to suit your desire and ability.

While a few couples do still choose to dance the traditional waltz, most elect to pick a song that has meaning for them and dance in a way that suits their personality and style.  We have had couples choose to Tango, we have had couples who danced Swing.  Many choose to “slow dance” and are thrilled that we create a way for them to do more than just sway back and forth.  An underarm turn here, a wrap there…and of course, a big finish you will want your photographer to catch!



You will probably want to learn some other dances as well so you can enjoy general dancing at your reception. We will visit with you about what kind of music will be played, what dances you want to do -- we will even talk to your deejay for you if you like.  We can help you take care of any dance-related item at your wedding, including father-daughter dance, groom's dance with his mom, wedding party snowball dance, and any others you wish to include.         


Call us today to schedule your Introductory Lesson -- only $25

Want EVERYBODY to enjoy dancing at your reception? Gather the gang and get with us! We will personalize a group class course especially for you. YOU pick the dances. YOU pick the music. WE will make it FUN & EASY.



Not only do we offer specialized instruction, we offer a variety of packages and discounts exclusively for our wedding couples.  Below is one of our most popular packages.  Other packages are available.


Our Classic Bride & Groom Package

Includes the following:

5 Private Lessons

Your First Dance
created especially for you to your music

Personalized Lesson Plan

Special Rate -- $265
($315 value)

Some restrictions apply. This offer is exclusively for our wedding couples clientele.


A couple shares their experience:


We planned our May 2008 for about two years and knew the one thing that had to happen was a great first dance. Jared, as the groom, had serious reservations of doing a slow dance where the bride and the groom simply sway back and forth (I know you know what we are speaking of if you have ever been to a wedding).  We knew the only way around this reception fear was to enroll in a dance class and hopefully learn enough about the basics to succeed in a "non-swaying" first dance.


We came to one of Wanda Deagen's free "introductory" classes that happened to be a Swing Dance Night.  We have never had so much fun on a semi-working date before! All the instructors circulated the room, helping all the couples with the newly learned dance steps, and that is where we met Christina. Before the class had actually started, we spoke to Christina briefly at the door and told her that we were interested in private wedding dance classes that the studio advertises on their website.


I shared with Christina, Jared's fear of the "first dance" and she could certainly sympathize with me. During the swing dance instruction, she made her way to Jared and I on the dance floor and looked me straight in the eye (after observing Jared's technique) and said, "Trust me, I don't think you two are going to have a problem. This will be a breeze!"


That night we enrolled in our private dance instruction and began immediately. We knew that we didn't want our first dance to be too boring for our guests, who more than appreciate Jared's and my sense of humor, so we chose a very fast, up-beat song that we thought would be more on the entertaining side. Over a course of 6 classes, we learned a specialized dance by Christina containing Foxtrot and Swing moves and just a touch of personality to make it our own. 


Our friends and family knew of our "training" and had prepared a special surprise for us in return for our special dance.  As Jared and I finished our ending pose after dancing, a roar of clapping and laughing overcame the room. People actually began to point to one side of the Reception Hall, and to our surprise, everyone was holding up judge’s scorecards! All we could see were smiling faces and a sea of 10s!


Our experience at Wanda Deagen's Studio truly MADE our wedding! We could never be more appreciative of Wanda, Christina, and the entire studio staff for the enjoyment they helped create for our guests and a new found love of dancing for Jared and I. 


Wanda Deagen Studio
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