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NOTICE:  Good news — I have now resumed teaching private lessons.  A private lesson can be with an individual or a couple.  Simply call to schedule an appointment; afternoons and evenings are available. 

When will our group classes and dance socials start up again?  It’s still too soon to tell.  Believe me, I am missing them just as much as all of you are!   Hopefully, it won’t be much longer, and then we will all be out on the floor again having fun 🙂

If you have any questions or just want to chat you can contact me by phone or email.   —  Wanda  210-381-6625  —

This is the new class schedule.  We will keep you posted on when we will be able to start these classes.

CURRENT SESSION of classes is winding up.   NEW SESSION of classes starts March 31st   — Remember, you must pre-register for these classes.  Call us now.                                                          6-WEEK GROUP CLASS COURSES       

Classes are 45 minutes unless otherwise noted  — REGISTRATION IS AVAILABLE BY PHONE, USING V/MC/DISC CARD.  PLEASE CALL 210-381-6625   OR register in person by cash, check, or credit card.  

TWO STEP  Variations & Mechanics continued…                                                                                                             Thu 7:45 pm      4/2-5/7    6 classes      $69            Beginner Plus level        We will continue right on with more variations for the social floor and work on developing lead and follow skills and styling.

SWING  Variations & Styling continued…                                                                                                                               Thu 8:30 pm    4/2-5/7    6 classes      $69            Beginner Plus level        Variations and styling for the social floor — we will learn several combinations with emphasis on developing lead and follow skills and basic styling.

TRIPLE 2 & TEXAS SWING   Basic Steps & Mechanics                                                                                                  Tue 7:45 pm      3/31-5/5    6 classes      $69       Beyond Beginner level     Learn several combinations that are practical for the social floor with an emphasis on developing basic technique and form.

NITE CLUB  Basic Steps & Mechanics                                                                                                                                                               Tue 8:30 pm        3/31-5/5    6 classes     $69     Experienced Learners level     This is such a GREAT dance!  Perfect for those super slow songs.  We will cover the basics and variations perfect for the social floor.

TUITION for 6-WEEK COURSES                                                                               $69 for one course $132 for 2 courses                                                                                                                         $180 for 3 courses  $228 for 4 courses                                                                                                                            Tuition rates are per person     


JUST GETTING STARTED?  Here’s the class to start with!              BASICS CLASS    Thursdays @ 6:45 pm  Beginner level     This class is designed to introduce you to the basics of dance and lay the foundation for your future learning – basic steps, dance hold, rhythm patterns, how to lead & follow and more!  Dances covered are Swing, TwoStep, Rumba, and Waltz.  Note: This class and ONLY this class is a DROP IN class – You simply show up and pay at the door.                          $10 per person or $15 per couple                                    =====================================================


COME PLAY WITH US at our                                                          FRIDAY NIGHT WORKSHOPS & SOCIALS!                                            7-9 pm   *  $10 at the door                                                                               Workshops start with a fun and easy lesson on a particular dance followed by open dancing to a variety of music – country, Latin, ballroom, swing…

Partners are rotated throughout the class to enhance learning.  Unless otherwise noted, these are open to all levels of learners.   Here are the dances to be covered on those Friday nights.

     Friday, Apr 3rd           TRIPLE 2

     Friday, Apr 10th         COUNTRY ONE STEP

     Friday, Apr 17th         WALTZ

     Friday, April 24th      TEJANO – POLKA & CUMBIA

     Friday, May 1st           TANGO

     Friday, May 8th          TWO STEP




.Join our studio the 2nd Saturday of each month from 7:30-9:30pm                                                                for an evening of dancing at                                                                                                                                                                  THE BALLROOM DANCE ANNEX                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                8123 Broadway  ˜ 78209                                                                                                                                                                              $10 cover at the door                                                                                                                                                 Great music selection – Ballroom * Country * Latin * Swing                                                                             BYOB  ˜ Set ups available ˜ Dressy casual attire


Join us at BRAUN HALL   the 3rd Saturday of each month

Wanda gives a Free dance lesson at 6:45                                                                                                        Live band starts at 7:30                                                                                                                                                Plan to join us – This is a GREAT place to dance!                                                                                        $10 admission   *   Open to all ages                                                                                                                  Folks, this is a GREAT dance hall — We have so much fun!   Make it a point to join us.



Convenient registration by phone using your V/MC/D or register in person.      Call (210) 381-6625

REGISTRATION INFO      Please review all information before registering.                                                                                                                                                              Classes are 45 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.

  • Pre-registration is required for most courses.  Tuition must accompany registration.
  • Tuition rates are per person unless otherwise noted.  Class size is limited; early registration is recommended.
  • There are no make up classes nor credits for absences.
  • Classes are not open for observation.
  • We ask that you please notify us if you are going to be absent from a class.  This helps us to do as necessary to keep our male/female ratio comparable.
  • CANCELLATION POLICYTo cancel a course/workshop/event for which you have registered, you must notify us by phone  7-days in advance of the course start date in order to receive a full refund or credit. 

It is our standard practice to rotate partners in all group classes.   This not only makes learning more fun, but it helps to develop lead & follow skills.  While it is not practical to guarantee an even number of men and ladies for every class, pre-registration allows us to keep a reasonable male/female ratio.  There is a minimum number of students required in order for each class to make.  Late registration may be available, but we strongly encourage getting registered early.  Because class size is limited, classes often fill; registration is always on a first come, first served basis.

 An especially nice thing about our group classes is that YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER WITH A PARTNER.*  We register a comparable number of men and ladies  in each course, and we use a partner rotation system in our classes that ensures fair dance time to everyone.  With the exception of Drop In classes and workshops,


 LOCATION:  Our studio is located at 2113 Vance Jackson in the historic Dell Village shopping strip.  We are inside Loop 410 and one block north of I-10.    Zip code is 78213.

BUSINESS HOURS:  We do not keep set business hours since a large part of our teaching is done on an appointment basis.  We recommend you call ahead before stopping by the studio to be sure we will be available.

CONTACTING US:  Our business phone is a mobile number so that we can personally answer your calls in a timely manner; however, know that we do not interrupt lessons to answer the phone, so always be prepared to leave a message.  (210) 381-6625











http://Invitation To Dance



Do you want to know how you ended up in this world?  In this lifetime?  God extended His hand and asked “Would you like to dance?”

He made sure there was beautiful music playing in the background, and He showed you a most amazing dance floor called the planet…  There was a mirror ball called the sun, and twinkle lights on that ballroom ceiling.

He promised you a variety of movements – some fast, some slow…  Some bouncy and lively; some passionate and intense;  others quiet and mellow…

And He promised that He would always be there to lead you.  You would never have to worry about where to go or what to do next;  He would always lead you to where you needed to be.

BUT it would NEVER be in a controlling way!   He made sure to let you know that He was giving you the greatest gift He could ever give – the gift of free will and choice.  And while He would be leading you to where you needed to go – you would decide HOW to get there.  If you wanted to twirl or leap or flip or dip – He was ready to support you.

He let you know that while He would be leading you, there were certain things YOU had to take care of; things He simply could not do FOR you because  it would violate His gift to you of free will and choice.  The very simplest thing you had to make sure you did was stay connected to Him.  Maintain that contact.  This had to be your responsibility, for He would never force you to do this.

He also let you know that if you learned to maintain a spiritual posture it would make staying connected to Him much easier.  He assured you that your spiritual posture would determine how easy, how enjoyable, how productive, how creative, how miraculous, and how happy the dance could be!

He also let you know that while you were here at this grand ballroom dance called your life  you would have many opportunities to dance with other souls.  Some of them you would be called to lead.  Some of them were for you to follow.  The important thing was to be a partner to them.

He took the time to share with you that no matter how many different souls you dance with in this lifetime you must never try to do their part for them.  Rather you must focus on your own part and on doing it to the very best of your ability.

He urged you to never interfere with another soul’s process, but rather use your own soul’s expression to inspire and heal those other souls with whom you come in contact.

He made sure to tell you that these dances could bring about great joy!   And well…  they could bring about great sadness as well.

But He pointed out that this grand ballroom dance would last only so long – one lifetime for you, one blink of the eye for the Universe –  and it would mean more to you to have danced and cried sometimes, than never to have danced at all.                                              — Wanda Deagen