======================================================= I don’t know what to say about any of the things happening in our world right now, but I do know that dancing can make us all feel better. Treat yourself to the joy of music and movement! ====================================================== Yes, it was a total drag that we had to cancel last Friday night’s (07/01/22) workshop & dance social. I made the decision to be “better safe than sorry” as several of our regular students and studio assistants texted positive for the virus. Believe me, I don’t like having to cancel out classes, but I would certainly not want to risk others getting sick. The plan is to resume all of our classes this coming Tuesday. This is the day our Summer 2 session of classes starts. Please call now to get registered. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Just call me at 210-381-6625. — Wanda

Our new session of classes starts July 1st. Check out the classes and workshops below.

PLEASE NOTE: So sorry to have to do this, but we must temporarily cancel the 3-week Bachata class scheduled to start this Saturday. We will definitely reschedule it in the near future.

NITE CLUB 2  –  Beyond the Basics Open level        Tue  7:30                     7/05-8/09 This dance is great for slow music that you would otherwise just sit out.  We’ll take a quick review of the basic steps, then move on to lots of variations perfect for the social floor.

WEST COAST – Variations & Styling   Open level         Tue 8:15                    7/05-8/09 Lots of variations that are practical for the social floor with emphasis on technique and styling.  You must be comfortable with your WC basics before taking this class.

TWO STEP & SWING  – Variations & Mechanics Beg level continued…   Thu 7:30          7/07 – 8/11 We will cover the basic steps and mechanics in these 2 dances with emphasis on developing lead and follow skills. 

COUNTRY ONE STEP  – Variations Plus Beginner Plus level            Thu 8:15                  7/07 – 8/11 Lots of variations that are practical for the social floor with emphasis on technique and variety.

TUITION for 6-WEEK COURSES: $69 for one course * $132 for 2 courses * $180 for 3 courses * $228 for 4 courses TUITION RATES ARE PER PERSON. =======================================================================================================

FREE!   ” JACK-N-JILL”  A Special 2-part workshop!   FREE!           Tue  7/12 & 7/19   *   9:15-9:45      FREE! This is one of the most effective and hilarious ways to greatly improve one’s lead & follow skills. Come ready to laugh and learn!!!   For FREE! Please note that even though there is no charge for this 2-part workshop, you MUST pre-register so that we can even out our numbers.  Just give us a call.  Enrollment is limited and it’s FREE!

SPECIAL 2-PART WORKSHOP – “CLASSIC COUNTRY COLLECTION” – Sat  5-6 pm   <>   07/30 & 08/06 How long ago was it that the name “TwoStep” had been the name for any-and -every country western song you danced to?   When I was growing up, you didn’t  “go dancing”  —  you went “2-Steppin” !  But then what happened?   The movie, “Urban Cowboy” came out in the year 1980 —  Boy, did that ignite country dancing!   We were now introduced to the TexasTwoStep and experienced a tremendous growth of country western music out there.   More music…   More styles…  More dances!!! It looked like it was time to expand on the old timey 2-Step.  We then started dancing the 2-Step double-timed, added a little swagger and sway, a dose of polka, and endless variations borrowed from swing dancing.    DO JOIN US  for this very special 2-part workshop as we step back in time and take a shot at all of these dances and what all we can still do with them!!!  Cajun2step  /  TexasTwoStep  /  WesternSlow  / StutterStep (triple-step-walk)    TexasSwing  /  Triple2    —   Oh what fun this will be!!! Tuition is $25 – covers both weeks * Pre-registration is required.

All of the above classes require pre-registration. Register with or without a partner. We have studio assistants to partner in the classes as needed. Partners will be rotated throughout the class — this helps develop lead/follow skills. You can register in person or you can register by phone, using a credit card. NOTE — If you choose not to rotate partners you must inform us when registering.




Our Friday night workshops & dance socials are open to all levels of learners. We start with the basics, then add lots of fun and easy variations. Afterwards, we enjoy open dancing to all kinds of music — country, swing, ballroom, Latin, Tejano and more. This is a GREAT way to practice what you are learning and build confidence on the floor. DO JOIN US! $10 per person at the door ($5 for ages 12 and under)

SWING — Workshop & Dance SocialFriday, July 8th * 7:30-9:30 * $10 per person at the door

TWO STEP       Workshop & DanceSocial — Fri, July 22nd * 7:30-9:30 * $10 per person at the door  

RUMBA       Workshop & DanceSocial — Fri, July 29th * 7:30-9:30 * $10 per person at the door  

SALSA        Workshop & DanceSocial Guest instructor– Ruben Diaz* Fri, Aug. 5th   * 7:30-9:30 * $10 per person at the door  

WALTZ      Workshop & DanceSocial — Fri, Aug. 12th * 7:30-9:30 * $10 per person at the door  

DON’T MISS our  60’s PARTY! Fri, July 15th  *  7:30-10pm Join us for this flashback to some really great music, especially for dancing! We will treat ourselves to those great music hits of the 1960’s that are great songs to dance to. We will have refreshments  &  door prizes  &  Party Dances!!! Admission is $10 per person at the door ($5 for ages 12 and under) Come alone or bring a friend — there will be plenty of people to dance with!

YET ANOTHER SPECIAL EVENT –!!! CONTEMPORARY FAVORITES WORKSHOP * WED, JULY 13TH   *   7:30-9pm * Come learn these contemporary line dances such as the Wobble, Old Town Road, Cupid Shuffle and MORE! Presented by instructor, Analisa Shinn. Admission is $8 per person at the door -OR- ONLY $5 with a valid college ID!

We need JOY in our lives right now — Dancing is a GREAT way to have it! 😊

 If you have any questions you can contact me by phone or email.  I would be happy to visit with you.  —  Wanda  210-381-6625  —  wdeagen@satx.rr.com


GENERAL INFO for group classes           

Classes are 45 minutes in length unless otherwise noted.    

  • There are no make up classes nor credits for absences.
  • We rotate partners throughout the class as a way to develop lead/follow skils.
  • We ask that you please notify us if you are going to be absent from a class.  This helps us to do as necessary to keep our male/female ratio comparable.

LOCATION:  Our studio is located at 2113 Vance Jackson in the historic Dell Village shopping strip.  We are inside Loop 410 and one block north of I-10.    Zip code is 78213.

BUSINESS HOURS:  We do not keep set business hours since a large part of our teaching is done on an appointment basis.  We recommend you call ahead before stopping by the studio to be sure we will be available.

CONTACTING US:  Our business phone is a mobile number so that we can personally answer your calls in a timely manner; however, know that we do not interrupt lessons to answer the phone, so always be prepared to leave a message.  (210) 381-6625