A private dance lesson consists of a single student or dance couple and an instructor. It is a great way to go about learning to dance. First of all, you will progress much faster because you are working one-on-one with a professional instructor.  Personalized instruction means that the teaching will be adapted to suit your particular style of learning.

Before you make a commitment to taking private lessons, your instructor should assess your needs and interests and design a lesson plan that is personalized for YOU. This is normally done on an introductory or “get acquainted” lesson.  An introductory lesson gives the student a chance to try out a lesson and get a feel for the instructor. It is important that you feel comfortable with the instructor’s personality, as well as his/her approach to teaching. Everyone learns differently.  We offer this Introductory Private lesson for $25.  That amount is the same for an individual or a couple.

After that, cost of private lessons varies, depending upon your frequency of lessons.  They range in price from $59 to $69 a lesson.  The price is the same whether it’s an individual or a couple.  Do call us 210-381-6625  🙂